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A workspace is a stand alone space. It is where  files and comments are collected and presented. The workspace owner can invite as many team members as he wishes and set their permissions as needed. Team members can only see a workspace they where invited to.

Archiving, deleting  a work space

Archive a workspace that you have finished working on - files and comments are kept but team members will not be able to go to that workspace.  Your plan allows a given number of active workspaces.


What does "private" mean in the workspace options?

Admins can decide if a workspace requires team members to log- in to access it. When not checked only users who have a link can see it but they don't need to log-in. This can be changed.

Adding a workspace to Slack

Adding a workspace to Slack opens that workspace in your slack channels list. See files and comments directly within slack as they happen.  Invite collaborators to your channel to sync on files and comment posted on DropReview.

Team members

Invite your team - set their permissions upon invite. You can go to the members page and see their activities and contributions. You can also suspend a Team member if needed. Hope you never need to.

Monitoring a team members activity

You can monitor your teams activity and stay in sync with what other members have been up to. The member page provides a summery of this. You can assign a member to manage the entire account or change permissions for a specific workspace.

Changing permissions or locking a team member

You can extend or revoke permissions of a team member. If a team member is no longer on the team you can lock him from accessing the workspace. We hope you don't need to do this often.

Reviewing files

The review interface lets you quickly navigate between files using the key arrows on your keyboard.

Posting a comment

Members can post comments on files - you can drag a marker to specify what your comment is relating to. Comments can not be deleted - after posting you have 4 min to change a comment. This keeps all comments documented for later if needed.


Allowing guests to view files

A public link can be made available for guest access. Guests will be able to see comments and post theirs. Files opened to guests are marked as such and can be closed if needed.

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