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DropReview  +   Slack

Adding a workspace to Slack opens that workspace in your slack channels list. See files and comments directly within slack as they happen.  Invite collaborators to your channel to sync on files and comment posted on DropReview.

Connect any workspace to slack with a single click.



Archiving, deleting  a work space

What does "private mean in the workspace options?

Adding a workspace to Slack

Team members

Adding a new team member and setting permissions

Monitoring a team members activity

Removing or locking a team member

Reviewing files

Posting a comment

Allowing guest to review a specific file

Approving a file

Polls : collecting votes from your community

Add to slack help.

Authorizing A workspace to your Slack channel

After clicking "add Slack" an authorization screen will ask you to authorize and choose the team and channel.

The workspace will appear in your channel list

You can now invite new members or assign existing ones to this channel. You can also detach DropReview if needed. Team members on slack do not need to have a DropReview account to see updates or post comments on Slack.

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