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FAQ and support

If you have a question or need, we're here for ya:

Who uses DropReview?

Mostly marketing and product professionals who wish to get insightful feedback from top creative professionals who have hands on experience in their domain. Designers too may wish to request for a second opinion. Recent data shows that a lumberjack has used the platform while we don't understand the purpose we do appreciate the enthusiasm.

What exactly is an expert review?

An expert review is a short report that addresses issues and things to consider relating the design and its purpose. For example an expert may suggest to replace an image that may not work well with the page design or to make a button more noticeable or solve messaging an legibility.

Who are the experts and how are they picked?

All experts are experienced creative professionals who agreed to take part in DropReview and have been interviewed and synced on their role and the value they may provide to client's requests.

How long does it take to receive a review?

Usually on the same day - sometimes a day later

What if I have questions regarding the review I received?

No worries - you can post a question on the review page - the expert will be notified and will reply.

What if the review isn't helpful to me ?

We will refund you with no questions asked. We will also check the review so we can understand what disappointed you.