/ Design Feedback spaces for marketing and
product professionals


DropReview is designed to help marketing and product professionals get actionable feedback on design materials

By making feedback, available and easy to collect from different sources, design choices are easier to make and better aligned with business goals.

Dropreview bridges the gap between designers and clients, reduces the number of wasted iterations and ensures faster and better feedback and deliverables.

DropReview is built by an experienced team of passionate designers, marketers and product professionals who understand the complexities of design processes and the committing decisions needed at early stages of digital products production.

Whether you work with freelance designers, an in-house studio or multiple design vendors : If you are involved in design work, we think you you will love DropReview.

Let’s make the world a better designed place.
<3 the DropReview team

Credits :
Illustrations by Eran Mendel
Icons by Icon : Vicons design, Xinh Studios